Our selection of pastries and cake slices are always changing depending on the season, popularity, or taste bud exploration. We always have a great selection for you to choose from but, if you need a large order or more please call to make sure of their availability.


Best Cannolis North Of Boston

Chocolate Mousse: layers of our chocolate mousse sandwiched between three layers of our rich chocolate cake, then dipped in chocolate ganache.

Strawberry Mousse: layers of our moist vanilla cake alternating with layers of sweet and creamy strawberry mousse.

Chocolate Peanutbutter butter rich chocolate cake sandwiched between layers of our peanut butter cream, finished with a layer of ganache then drizzled with Carmel

Lemon Buttercream: moist vanilla cake filled with a velvety smooth lemon then finished with our famous butter cream

Whipped Cream Alpine: layers of whipped cream sandwiched between three layers of our rich chocolate cake then dipped in chocolate ganache and drizzled with white chocolate.

Raspberry Mousse: moist vanilla caked filled with a sweet light raspberry mousse then topped with our buttercream and finished with a raspberry slice

Black Raspberry: a dark version of the raspberry mousse, dark chocolate cake and a layer of sweet raspberry mousse, topped with a layer of ganache

German Chocolate: caramel, pecans, coconut, and more make the filling, then add layers of rich chocolate cake and a layer of ganache and top off with a cherry

Carrot Cake: just like mom used to make; moist carrot cake we use pineapple, coconut, brown sugar, and more then layer it with a smooth and creamy cream cheese frosting finished with a side of walnuts

Boston Cream: an American favorite; two layers of moist vanilla cake filled with a French pastry cream, then topped with chocolate ganache

Napoleon: a French classic, layers of flaky pastry alternating with layers off French pastry cream finished with a layer of sweet icing

Crème Brule: ooh la la better then a five star French restaurant, this classic of whipping cream,egg yolks, sugar, and vanilla is topped with sugar and caramelized

Checkerboard: vanilla cake and chocolate cake in a checkerboard design with layers of chocolate ganache, finished of with butter cream

Lobster Tail: this is an Italian favorite; a large flaky shell filled with a mix of whipped cream and ricotta then finished with powdered sugar

Fruit Tart: a sugar cookie shell coated with white chocolate filled with cream then topped off with seasonal fruits

Whip Cream Moon: our version of the classic, moist chocolate cake filled with real whipped cream, then finished with a hint of chocolate ganache

Caramel Mousse: chocolate and vanilla cake layers sandwich a caramel mousse then we top it with a layer of caramel and drizzle it with a little ganache

Banana Cream: If you like banana cream pie you will love the cake moist vanilla cake,silky banana cream then topped off with a banana whipped cream